Speech Making Help

Speech Making Help
Fine tune your speaking ability.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Speech Coming Up?

OK, so you agreed to speak. The date is marked on your calendar. It is now time to start work on what you will say.

You've done this before.

But, you really want this speech to impress your audience.

Gary Gillespie is a public speaking consultant dedicated to helping you look and sound your best for your next presentation.  About Professor Gillespie

  • First brief conference is complementary.
  • Other meetings in person or via email for coaching are offered at an agreed upon cost.
If you are in the Seattle area that makes meeting in person easy.

Get help editing your outline or drafts with suggested wording.

Or he can write your speech for you based on your intents.

He can also watch you deliver the speech, then provide helpful tips on how to improve next time.

"Take advantage of my 30 years experience coaching speakers. Together we can create an impressive and even eloquent speech. I've coached thousands of students to present speeches designed to inspire. I have coached ten commencement speakers. I can help you be your best." -- Gary Gillespie

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